Basic Techniques / Tunelist

1. Four Basic Rhythm Patterns. Essential patterns for developing correct technique when using a flatpick.
a. Basic Country, Swing, Celtic Rhythm as related to our Four Basic Rhythm Patterns.
b. Building up to Perpetual Motion of the rhythm hand.
c. Strength and Dynamics
d. Basic Country Rhythm
2. Wildwood Flower - Carter Family Style.
3. Cripple Creek - Double Stops - Working from Chord Shapes in G Major
4. Lonesome Road Blues - Soloing on a 3 Chord Song - Double Stops, Slides, Hammer On's, Pull Offs
a. Basic Bluegrass Soloing System
5. Bonaparte's Retreat - A Song out of C Shapes
6. Mississippi Sawyer - Working from a C Chord in 2 Octaves
7. Blackberry Blossom - Scale Based, B part introduces us to a minor modulation.
8. Soldier's Joy - How Pattern 4 works in a fiddle tune.
9. Big Scioti - Using Open strings to move to new positions in G Major
10. Beaumont Rag /  In the Mood - Intro to Crosspicking

Intermediate List

Beaumont Rag                        D Major
Big Sandy River                     A Major
Big Scioti                                G Major
Blackberry Blossom                G Major
Bonaparte's Retreat                 D Major
Cattle in the Cane                    A Major/Modal
Cripple Creek                          A Major
Devil's Dream                          A Major
Dixie Hoedown                        G Major
Jim Connolly’s Jig                   D Major
Lonesome Road Blues             G Major
Mississippi Sawyer                  D Major
Sailor's Hornpipe                   G Major *New
Saint Anne's Reel                   D Major  *New
Soldier's Joy                             D Major
Tennessee Waltz                     D Major  *New
Wildwood Flower                    D Major
Whiskey Before Breakfast       D Major