Getting started on the Banjo...

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For the complete beginner

Here are some tips and pointers for those of you who are new to playing banjo.

1. Always make sure you are in tune. An electronic tuner can help here and are a great aid to the beginner for getting your instrument in tune

2. Always use finger picks - they may seem a litle awkward at first, but you will soon get used to them.

3. Play slowly - accuracy is the thing you want to aim for at first. Increased speed will come with accuracy.

4. Make sure your instrument is set up properly. It's pointless to try to play an instrument which is not able to be played in tune.

5. Take regular breaks from practicing. If you feel cramped or have sore muscles or fingers you shoulsd stretch out or take a break. You will progress faster if you practice in lots of short bursts with breaks in between.